Weight Management Program

Get the skills and habits you need to transform your health goals into lifelong healthy habits

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Healthiest You

It’s well-established that our diet and lifestyle choices affect our health. Most of us know this, but knowledge isn’t enough to make us healthy.
We have to put this knowledge into practice by building positive habits that will allow us to achieve the health and well-being we desire.

Making Health

Changing our daily habits – what we eat and drink, how much physical activity we get, how much we sleep, and how we manage our stress – isn’t always easy.

That’s why the Weight Management Program takes a systematic approach to help you build better habits. Working together, you’ll learn the tools and techniques you need to achieve your desired health goals.

What is the Weight Management Program?

It’s a virtual one-on-one nutrition counselling program. It includes an initial 50-minute session and six 30-minute follow-up sessions.

How Does It Work?
After you sign up, you’ll have access to your Client Portal. Here, you’ll fill out an assessment questionnaire. This will allow me to understand your goals, diet, medical, and lifestyle history.

Initial Session

In the first session, we’ll review your assessment questionnaire. Based on your goals, we’ll develop a simple action plan to help you achieve them.

Follow-up Sessions

During the follow-up sessions, we’ll review your progress and make changes as needed. Each session will have an educational component geared towards your needs and interests.
After each session, you’ll receive a summary of what we discussed. There will also be worksheets to complete to keep you on track.

Eat Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Your Personalized Health Plan

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I'll:

Tailored to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

Finally, you'll be able to:

Here's to Your Revitalized Health


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You deserve better than just another diet plan. By considering all aspects of your health – diet, sleep, stress, and physical activity – we’ll create a customized wellness plan so you can reach your goals faster and easier than ever.

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